PV-ARES 2 Meter Sprint

The PVAres 2 meter sprint is a contest conducted over a short three-hour time frame on the last Saturday in March, April and May from 3 PM until 6 PM. Each of these days is an individual contest and awards will be made for each of these contests. In addition, the results of all three contests will be added together and awards made for the combination. The contest is open to all amateur radio operators in the area and all ham radio operators are encouraged to participate.

The objective of the contest is to make as many contacts on the specified 2-meter simplex frequencies as possible during the contest period and earn the maximum number of points from these contacts.

Contest Operation

At the beginning of the contest period participants should tune to the 146.82 Mhz repeater (aka the ERC repeater) for contest instructions. At that time the rules will be briefly explained and the simplex frequency (or frequencies) announced where the contest will be conducted. Repeaters will not be used to make contacts during the contest period. All contacts must be made on the specified simplex frequency / frequencies.

The contest instructions and frequency (or frequencies) will be repeated on the 146.82 Mhz repeater each half hour during the contest.

Contest Exchange

To be a valid contact for this contest, each party must provide and acknowledge their callsign, first name, street location, and contact number. For example,

“CQ Contest, CQ Contest, this is K7OJL – Roland, listening…”

“K7OJL, this is KE7RIP — Jason. I’m on Yellowstone. You’re my fifth contact.”

“KE7RIP, thanks for your number 5. I’m on Ethans Way. You’re my third contact. K7OJL”

“Thanks for your number 3. KE7RIP listening….”


K7OJL would enter into his log on line 3 the contact with KE7RIP. In addition, Jason would enter the contact information into his log on line 5.

Contest Awards

At the end of the contest, participants should complete their log sheet(s) and mail them as noted on the log sheet to Roland Smith, 5330 Ethans Way, Pocatello, ID 83204. Include on the back of the form any suggestions, comments, or critique to improve the contest experience. Logs must be received by the 10th of the month following the contest to be counted.

Award certificates will be handed out at the next PVAres Organization meeting, which is held the 3rd Thursday of each month at the First Presbyterian Church on 7th Avenue in Pocatello. Participants need not be present to receive the award, but are encouraged to attend the meeting.

Please Note

The contest frequencies may be quite congested during the event. Further, because this event is on simplex frequencies, you may not always hear both sides of a contact.

  • Listen before transmitting
  • Be courteous
  • Be brief
  • Have fun!




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