Interested in getting your ham radio license?
GREAT!! you’ve come to the right place!

Portneuf Valley ARES next entry level class is tentatively scheduled as noted below.
Classes will be held every Saturday for 5 weeks with a final Saturday session and test day.

Class information:
Who: Anyone interested in getting their Ham Radio license
Beginning Saturday January 7th, 2017 at 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Where: ISU Continuing Education Building – 1001 N 7th (Rm # TBD)
Why: BECAUSE IT’S FUN !!  :)

Other notes:

  1. Taking the class DOES NOT guarantee you will pass the test. We will give you all the knowledge, the studying is up to you.
  2. You DO NOT need to take the class in order to take the test. You can simply take the test if you feel ready to.
  3. You DO NOT need to attend all of the classes either if you don’t want to or can’t for some reason.
  4. We have brand new books available for the reduced rate of $25.00 USD.
  5. You DO NOT have to buy a book from us, but they are cheaper than you can buy direct.
  6. You DO NOT have to even have a book, but it’s a great help since they contain all of the question pool, and the answers!!
  7. Books can easily be shared if more than one friend or family member want to share.
  8. The test fee is $14.00 USD (Set by the FCC, not us).
  9. Once you pass, your license is good for 10 years! (Not to bad for $14.00)
  10. There is no age limit as to who can take the test. (Our youngest successful student so far was 9 years old!)
  11. The class will be interactive, and there will be equipment demonstrations and hands on availability for those who want to participate.

If you would like to be a part of this class, please contact us at to let us know and we’ll get you signed up!

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